How to Sell Anything to Anyone

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If you want to grow your business you need to be able to sell more.

Here are five key things you need to know in order to sell anything to anyone.


Focus on the buyer

First and foremost, the selling experience isn’t about you - it’s about your customer. This is why the focus needs to be on them – not you.

They say that people are born with two ears and one mouth. The point here is that you should listen twice as much as you speak.


 Discover their buying motive

Ultimately, you need to find out what’s motivating them. Why would they want to buy your service? Why should they?  What possible benefit will they realize or pain will they solve? 

They key word here is, “Benefit”.  Remember, people buy primarily for the benefits – not the features.  If you’re trying to sell based on features you’re going to miss out. Likewise, if you’re trying to sell based on the wrong benefit you’ll also miss the mark.

The 5 primary buying motives are;

  1. protection/security
  2. financial gain
  3. fear of financial loss
  4. comfort or convenience
  5. pride of ownership

Though your service may hit more than one of the above, it’s essential that you flush out the one that is driving your prospective customer. 


Ask Good Questions

Asking good questions is the key to discovering your prospects buying motive.  You want to probe and flush out the motive and benefit that your customer is seeking. 

If you’re able to horn in on this then you’ll have a significantly higher chance of closing the sale. 

Good questions are open ended questions; questions that can’t be answered with a “Yes” or a “No.” 

“Why are you considering buying _______”

“What will happen if you don’t get a solution in place?”      

“What does the perfect solution for you look like?


Be likeable

It’s a fact - people buy things from people that they like. If they don’t like you then they won’t buy from you. It’s that simple.

 How do you be more likable? 

  • Be warm, engaging, and smile. 
  • Be competent – you need to know your stuff.  
  • Ask them about their family, their weekend, their favourite sports team.  
  • You can share a secret. Be a little vulnerable and add a dose of self-deprecation from time to time.

 Note: Don’t ask questions robotically – you need to be sincere and truly interested. 


Mirror Your Customer

This ties in somewhat with being likable as people like buying from people like them. Mirroring is about aligning your tone and your emotions with your customer. 

 If you go into a meeting with tremendous energy and discover that your perspective customer is extremely laid-back you probably won’t naturally connect as well. This would be the perfect time to dial it back and take a more low-key approach. Adopt the pace of your customer – reel in your enthusiasm and slow down the pace of the conversation.

Conversely if you go in very low-key with a prospective customer who is much higher energy and a faster talker, you’ll want to boost your energy and pick up the pace of your conversation.


The Bottom Line

Sales isn’t about being tricky or slick– it’s about putting the emphasis on the key elements: 

  1. Focus on your customer
  2. Hone in on their buying motive
  3. Ask good questions
  4. Be likeable
  5. Mirroring your customer

If you can do these things effectively and consistency, your sales will soar! 


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