10 Powerful Business Success Tips for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

business entrepreneur grow business success vision Dec 26, 2020
Ready to Go - Has a Plan

By Graham Acreman

10 Powerful Business Success Tips for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

  1. Have a big vision.  While it’s important to know what to focus on in the coming week, you need to know the bigger vision that you’re working towards in order to achieve a higher level of success.
  2. Focus on what you are good at. Don’t stray from your core business or you will find yourself spreading your resources thin for a lower rate of return.
  3. Be persistent and relentless. It’s often been said that obstacles come up to determine how badly you really want to achieve your goals.
  4. Always have a plan – but be open minded and flexible too.  Successful businesses evolve regularly.  While this may seem contrary to #2 above, the difference here is that you’re not straying but rather are making a conscientious decision to pivot or evolve.
  5. Stay positive. Many things will go your way, some will not.  On the ones that go your way – count your blessings.  On the ones that don’t – take the time to learn a lesson.  What could have been done differently? What will you do next time?
  6. Pace yourself.  If you’re running a marathon you don’t start off at your top speed – you’d never make it. Entrepreneurs can have a challenging work-life balance.  It’s essential to maintain an acceptable balance if you want to be able to make it for the long term.
  7. Protect your time.  The most successful people in the world have the same amount of time that you do.  A big part of their success is in how they use it.
  8. Network. The world is a big place and believe it or not, there are many people who would love to help you – if they knew you and if they knew what your business offered. You need to choose your events and interactions wisely and nurture your network.
  9. Find a mentor or advisor. It could be someone who has experienced success in your business or it could be a business coach or advisor. If you get one that is well matched for you they will be worth their weight in gold. They can save you time, money and help you get to where you want to be faster than you ever thought possible.
  10. Improve your sales abilities. I run into business owners regularly who tell me they, “Hate selling”.  Well, like it or not, if you’re in business you need to be able to sell.  You don’t have to be the best sales person in the world and the process doesn’t have to make you feel sleazy.  You can learn to sell if you’re really open to learning.

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